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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


alright THE K.O.F makes a decent enought point that actually made me rethink my whole position on this esteban matter. while i still think that he is a fake and total jackass, his record conpany may have be pulling the strings behind this whole operation of his. i can see how that might be a good reason as to why he is pushing these guitars down our throats. Jesus i hate Esteban and he represents. (i'll add more later)

Saturday, April 02, 2005


I'm not at all saying I'm for esteban. However it might be wise to suggest some alternate ideas. I think it's safe to say that esteban knows that his guitars are not real musical tools, nor are they in any stretch of the word good. If he were a good person, he wouldn't try to rob people of their money and try to dash musical talent. That being said, perhaps esteban has been forced into this scenario by something truly evil. esteban has no eyelids, maybe some tyrant music company actually stole his eyelids and will only give them back if esteban can sell X amount of shit (guitars). Losing the eyelids in the accident is simply a false cover for the loss of his eyelids. The Sergovia references were implemented by the company and they easily obtained the rights to let esteban use his name after the company shot the disagreeing parties. I just think it's something to consider

Friday, April 01, 2005

Esteban does not like you

Just to reaffirm my positon, i am not a fan of esteban or his piss poor fuck guitar and the pack it comes with including a free POSTER SIZED CHORD CHART...Wow wee.

Esteban really needs to stop whoring out his name like he's doing now with all these infomercials and websites. his offer can be seen on late night tv on almost any given night, his propaganda machine is in full swing and must be stopped. this where we come in. Our goal is too stop the esteban war machine and to find the truth about his guitars which seem to be made in some kind of child labour camp in china, it's probably called "Estebans gift of guitar making" or something catchy to lure kids in and them he brain washing them by making them listen to his version of house of the rising sun in which he add a million notes where they don't belong. then once the childrens will is broken he assigns them a number and they are no longer an individual there are part of the Esteban War machine.

All is not lost for these kids, we can help them. you can too by joing up to the site and help write articles and help with the popularity of the blog so news agencies get ahold and publish these allegations and and a federal inquiry is lanuched and the truth comes out. that can only happen with your help.

sp please send an email to and ask about joining, its for a great cause.

thats all for now.

Pumped Up

I have just been listening to Man Made God by In Flames (which my partner may contend is not a good song) but regardless it got me thinking about how terrible Esteban really is, in fact, from this point on I refuse to give him anymore respect by capitalizing the name. Henceforth, he simply be esteban.

Autographed picture of Esteban striking a familiar pose Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 31, 2005

More on Sergovia

I think it's prudent that this be known. Sergovia had died before he could be questioned about Esteban. Esteban's self-proclaimed skill learned from Sergovia cannot be verified since Sergovia can't actually speak for himself. Esteban, shame on you, you fucking bastard

New review comparing Esteban vs Peal D-10

well, this review speaks for it's self on the quality of esteban guitars... in the picture it clearly shows that the paint can be easily scratched away with little effort, doesn't this guitar have a finish? cleary not. such is the quality you get when you purchase a guitar from an asian sweatshop owned by a fake like esteban. So without any further adieu here is the review...


New email...

Anti esteban Blog has a new email... All questions, membership applications can be sent to

some pictures for you

my rendition of the esteban guitar package Posted by Hello

esteban is cartoon form Posted by Hello

as you can clearly see from these pictures esteban is retarded.

Esteban thinks we're all sheep

well, i've spent some time updating the overall look of this of this page by adding links to esteban's product reviews and one of his sites. I've also written a description of this page so people know what it's all about before they read it. Also, if you don't like esteban and wish to join this anti- esteban site just drop me an email and i'll add you so you can post your frustrations with Esteban and all his ill glory. now on to business... I've also spent some time looking up peoples opinion on esteban products on the internet and needless to say i have found alot of bad reviews and opinions. I'll quote some of the best and add links to the the forums that i got them from so you can read them too. this post comes from an unfortunate kid who got an esteban guitar from his parents for christmas...poor kid

" ok my parents bought me an esteban guitar steel string for christmas.Im a complete newb to guitars but i want to get good. Ive been reading reviews of this 200 dollar bundle..and their all horrendous...I need to convince my parents to switch it for something else. I cant go over 240 dollars. what should i switch toohurry...30 day money back gurantee on the estaban... "

he got several nice replies...

" Sorry your folks didn't read the reviews before they spent their hard-earned bucks on this turkey - and no, I wouldn't even recommend it for an absolute beginner... "

" Send this glorified hunk of driftwood back post haste and get your money back - there are far better ways to spend $200-250 than what you're getting here..."

" It won't be worth anything after the 30 day money back offer expires." ...ouch

this one might be my favourite... " See, the thing about the estebad is that it's not really a guitar. It's made to sorta look like a guitar, to fool people who have no idea what guitars really are. Guitars are musical instruments. They are made to play music on. The estabad is made only to separate you from your money. There is a big difference between a guitar and an Esteban. "

" Esteban Doesn't Sound Very Spanish Hell, he doesn't even sound Mexican!"

" He's been to Mexico before. That's got to count as some credibility...... "

" He got icky-long fingernails! Yuck! "

" Although the only evidence of his studies with Segovia is a photograph and a brief, autographed note that Segovia wrote to him, Esteban has rarely missed an opportunity to invoke the name of his beloved "maestro." He's repeatedly claimed to be one of only 14 guitarists in the world endorsed by Segovia, a number unsupported by any factual evidence, and even says that he began using the name Esteban (Spanish for "Stephen") because that's what Segovia called him. ";f=1;t=019209

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


OK, you see i don't like Esteban very much. To me he sums up all that is wrong with humanity. He peddles his cheap chinese made "american legacy" Guitars on late night TV. I have come across these spots that he buys in order to sell his aforementioned pieces of shit. But first of all before i go on i will post a link leading to the specs of the guitars he is selling, if you know anything about guitars you'd know how much a joke he really is. Esteban lame ass guitar package.

Hey Esteban you suck!

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that my friends is the very elusive Esteban, notice how he dresses like Zorro...what a dumb fuck.

esteban claims that he was a student of the great Andres Sergovia, he goes about on his infomercials bragging about the lessons he learned from segovia, hell segovia even gave him the great name of Esteban, which he trods through the mud all in the name of making a buck. now in all fairness to Esteban he DID study under segovia...but it was only one lesson. so i don't know why he continues to brag about how he learned under him really, how much can you learn in one lesson? this just provides more proof that esteban is a liar and why you should not by his product. slightly after his "studying" with sergovia Esteban got in a very bad Automobile accident and lost his eye lids. he had to give up guitar for over 10 years. when he learned to play again he decided that he should rip off tons of little children who's dream it was to become a guitar legend by selling them a shoddy and poorly crafted musical instrument.

thats all for now.

Esteban you fucking dumb fuck